Il Sud è Niente

Year: 2013

Country: Italy

Director: Fabio Mollo

Cast: Miriam Karlkvist, Vinicio Marchioni, Valentina Lodovini, Andrea Bellisario, Alessandra Costanzo, Giorgio Musumeci, Francesco Colella, Giuseppe Piromalli, Vincenzo Scuruchi

Writers: Fabio Mollo and Josella Porto

Production: B24 Film

Producers: Jean Denis Le Dinahet, Sebastien Miska, Vincenzo De Leo

Synopsis: Grazia is 17 and lives in Reggio Calabria, a small town in the South of Italy. Her brother Pietro disappeared years ago; she was told he was dead and her father never wanted to talk about it. One night, after a big fight with her father, Grazia enters into the sea and sees a human figure, in which she recognises her brother. That night she decides to search for him, breaking the rule of silence to which her father has always obeyed.


– Best Actress Winner Miriam Karlkvist – Annecy Italian Cinema Festival 2014

– Best Debut Director Winner Fabio Mollo – Avellino Neorealism Film Festival 2014

– Best Actress Winner Miriam Karlkvist – Magna Graecia Film Festival 2014

– Best Film Winner and Best Actress Winner Miriam Karlkvist – Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival 2014

– Best Feature Film Winner and Best Actor Winner Miriam Karlkvist – Ortigia Film Festival 2014

– Best Emerging Producer Winner Jean-Denis Le Dinahet and Sebastien Msika – Rome Film Fest 2013

– Best Film Winner – Roseto First Work Festival 2014

– Nominee Discovery Award – Toronto International Film Festival 2013

– Nominee New Directors Prize Fabio Mollo – San Francisco International Film Festivsal 2014

– Nominee Alice in the City Prize Young Adult and Best Debut and Second Film Award Fabio Mollo – Rome Film Fest 2013

– Nominee Jury Prize Best Debut Feature Fabio Mollo – Raindance Film Festival 2014

– Nominee International First Film Fabio Mollo – Jerusalme Film Festival 2014

– Nominee Silver Ribbon Best New Director Fabio Mollo – Italian National Syndacate of Film Journalists

– Nominee Golden Globe Best Actress Miriam Karlkvist, Best First Feature Fabio Mollo, Best Original Score Giorgio Giampà – Golden Globe Italy 2014

– Nominee Golden Ciak Beautiful & Invisible Fabio Mollo – Golden Ciak Awards 2014

-Nominee Crystal Bear Generation 14plus – Best Film – Berlin International Film Festival 2014

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